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The visit of the new and old D.G s of the Iranian cultural centre Lahore to the

The visit of the new and old D.G s of the Iranian cultural centre Lahore to the

G. C university, Lahore


On Wednesday ,22nd of Abaan Maah, 1387(H.S) , Mr. Abbasi , the D.G Iranian cultural centre ,Lahore and Mr. Nader Baba , the upcoming D.G of the Iranian centre ,Lahore went to G.C university to visit the Persian department and to meet the V.C of the said university .

Mr. Abbasi, introduced Mr Nader Baba as a cultural personality and an experienced person .He introduced Mr Nader Baba to Dr Zaher Siddiqui , the prominent poet and the professor of Persian language and literature, Mr. Anwar Warraich , the Ex,head of the Persian department , Dr Iqbal Saqib the head of the Persian department .

The Persian faculty welcomed Mr. Nader Baba to Lahore and a assured him for their assistance and corporation.

Then, all of them went to to V.C's office to meet him officially.

 Dr.Khalid Aftab welcomed the Iranian guests to his office.

He shared with them the memories of his own student life when he used to visit the Iranian cultural centre .He added that the cultural centre situated at Mall Road used to b the heart of the cultural activities at Lahore. He wished that Iranian cultural centre would revive its tradition and its gates would be open to all messes.

Mr. Nader Baba, the upcoming D.G Iranian centre expressed his views that the gates of the Iranian are always open to its friends and we would try our best to revive our open and friendly environment.

Dr khalid Aftab emphasized on the exchange of different cultural and educational delegations between G.C university and the Iranian universities.

The D.G s of the Iranian cultural centre promised him to take effective steps in this regard.    



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