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The Meeting of Dr. Boshra Matin , Vice chancellor of the Lahore women university and her delegation with Mr Abbasi and Mr Nader Baba at the Iranian cultural center , Lahore

The Meeting of Dr. Boshra Matin , Vice chancellor of the Lahore women university and her delegation with Mr Abbasi and Mr Nader Baba at the Iranian cultural center , Lahore


On Monday, 20-8-87 ,Dr Boshra Matin , the V.C of Lahore women university, Dr Rifat Saqlen the head of sociology seines and economics department, professor Zamord Safdar , the head of fine atrs departments , Dr Faliha Kazemi , the lecturer of Persian language and literature , Mr khawaja Abdul Matin , the famous economist (the better half of Dr Boshra Matin ) who are bound to travel to Iran (Tehran and Mashhad ) in   a form of delegation to visit the universities over there appeared at Iranian cultural center at Lahore to meet  Mr. Abbasi and Mr Nader Baba, the old and upcoming director Generals of the Iranian cultural center.

Mr Abbasi , the D.G Iranian center welcome the guests  and congratulated  them for the Birth Anniversary of Imam Reza(A.S) .he also introduce Mr Nader Baba as an upcoming D.G of the Iranian Cultural center .he added that he tried his level best to strengthen the inter universities cooperation between both countries Iran and Pakistan .he also tried to extend the educational and cultural relationships between Iran and Pakistan.

Mr Abbasi, pointed out the M.O.U signed between the Iranian cultural center and Lahore Women university which would help in lunching the Otaaq-e-Iranshinasi at the said university.

This M.O.U would also effect as a new beginning between the universities of the both countries .He promised that the proper facilities would be provided by the Iranian cultural center to the Persian department of the said university .

Dr Boshra Matin thanked Mr Abbasi for his untiring efforts in facilitating the Lahore women university with Otaaq-e- Iranshinasi .she added that this would definitely act as a millstone to promote the cultural and educational relationship between Iran and Pakistan .she also added that the whole management of Lahore women university would defiantly Miss Mr Abbasi

Dr Boshra Matin expressed her felicity to visit Iran for the First time .this is worth mentioning that the Lahore women university's would visit Al-Zahara university and Imam Reza's Mausoleum at Iran.

Mr Abbasi expressed his views that delegation's visit to Iran would defiantly be new beginning of the inter universities corporations between Iran and Pakistan.

In the end , Dr Boshra Matin visited the Razavi exhibition along with her delegation at Iranian cultural center, Lahore  



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